MIAA-395 Robbed his girlfriend's mother

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Because her husband had to go away on a business trip, Hikari hadn't had sex in a long time. Today Hikari's daughter brought her boyfriend home. Watching her daughter and her boyfriend make love made Hikari feel extremely excited. A few days later, because the school organized a trip, her daughter would go for about three days. Because Yudzuru forgot to charge it, she went to look for it. She helped him search, but accidentally revealed her underwear, making Yudzuru unable to control himself. “I always pay attention to mom! I can't stand it anymore!”. Hikari tried to resist and remind herself she couldn't do this, but in her heart she knew she always craved sex, wanted her daughter's boyfriend to satisfy her long-standing desire. When Yudzuru made her climax, she decided to surrender to her feelings. After this time, neither Hikari nor Yudzuru could forget each other's bodies. The two secretly date and make love whenever Hikari's daughter is absent...

MIAA-395 Robbed his girlfriend's mother

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